Nourish Your Brain Every Morning

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Nourish Your Brain Every Morning

Fat is your friend!

Or at least it’s your brain’s friend.

This is one of the big takeaways from my interview with pediatric neurologist Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, author of the brilliant best-selling book The Dirt Cure.

In the words of Dr. Mark Hyman:

“Your brain is 60 percent fat, and much of it is made of Omega-3 fats and cholesterol.  When you eat a low-fat diet, you are starving your brain… Bottom line: fat is good for your brain.” 

One of the ways I have upped my fat intake is with butter coffee in the morning.

At first blush this may sound absolutely disgusting.  I mean who puts a hunk of butter into their coffee, right!

However according to author and founder of Bulletproof Coffee Dave Asprey, butter coffee is a variation of the yak butter tea that he experienced in Tibet.

Asprey explains that when he was given his first cup of the yak butter tea: “I couldn’t get enough of it.  I immediately felt alert and energized, despite the massive elevation and frigid temperature.” 

I personally don’t have access to any yak butter, so instead I use one tablespoon of butter from grass fed cows.

Next, combine with a tablespoon of MCT Oil.  MCT or medium chain triglycerides are fatty acids derived from coconut oil.**If there’s no MCT oil on hand, I’ll just use a spoonful of straight coconut oil.

Then I pour one cup of a rich, dark roast coffee over the butter and oil.

Many people use a blender to mix them together, but I simply stir vigorously for about 30 seconds.

Then voila, it’s ready!  Just sit back, sip & enjoy.   I have found this morning beverage to be a potent way to nourish the brain every morning.

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